New - Global 5000

As European representatives of Linfox Aviation, we are delighted to offer their brand new Bombardier Global 5000 for charter.
The Bombardier Global 5000 offers exceptional comfort for up to 16 passengers and with the range to fly from London to Sydney with only one stop, it delivers the ultimate in convenience for long haul overseas trips.
At a cruising speed of over 550 miles per hour and flying at altitudes of up to 51,000ft the Global 5000 will get you to your destination quickly and comfortably, easily avoiding any adverse weather conditions. Our experienced and professional flight crew will take care of you and will offer the finest food and beverage service available.

The aircrafts luxurious appointments include:
  • 16 seats
  • A state of the art galley
  • Sleeping berths
  • TVs and DVD player
  • Satellite phones
  • Two bathrooms

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    Company No: 3385320